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11 Sue and I had booked an apartment in Spain. That was before Christmas Eve, my second wife. It was easy to get a flight. I knew it would be easy. What I do not think it would be easy as long as there was another man to fuck my two women. Sue had been with many men, but not anywhere near me. When I asked Eva, she told me I was the second man had. She blushed and Sue put his arm around efukt her. So the idea of ​​seeing Eva gets fucked hard to imagine. As much as I have never seen this holiday. I was going to be wrong. was the first night and we were at dinner. A man was looking at our table. Sue had not lost the man, but it was her, he saw. It was Christmas Eve. 'This man is now in the eye. ' Said Sue Eve. Eva was little red. 'Why do not you ?' I offered. If she could, she was red. Eva head shock. Sue, who approached him. He returned to the table. His name was Hans, who was from a small town in Germany. We talked about coffeeBrandy and entered the bar. Then back to our apartment. All the time the day before was something that was withdrawn. For my part, I liked the guy. Sue liked the boy, was that Eva would have liked. I opened a bottle of wine. efukt Sue was leaning against Hans. Hans had changed its extension to Sue. He moved away when I came back, but relaxed when his arm around Eve and sat beside her. Sue Hans erases all doubt, when she asked, ' Will you go to bed, ' looked Hans and I Eve. I nod. Hans did not answer, just stood up and allowed him Sue. ' If Susan..... ' Eva left the question in the air. I left my voice, 'You're going to fuck shit, going to touch her ​​things, she beat her, and I want to fuck you, here on the couch. ' Stopped Eve, looked at me and opened his shirt. Established in the chest lead, then put it on. I dropped my pants and that was all I needed. I was between Eva 's legs, one leg on the floor, a good placeto push against. Sue called from the bedroom. 'Yes, efukt yes... yes..... more. ' Sue was not as strong as usual. It was for me was not called Hans, or your own pleasure. For years I had wanted something like this already, masturbating with a fantasy like this. Must be the fact that I live now that his fantasy was, it was too early to enjoy the eve. I dropped in it, so suddenly, almost without notice. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Eva 's right leg over mine. Any other time I would do to help Eve find her pleasure, what has come to it, but I had a different plan. Eva sat down, I got all of his body, to remove her necklace. We were both naked. The noise of the room had fallen. Condoms took my coat pocket. 'I want to fuck Hans. ' I put my arm around Eve and went to the bedroom. Sue was the door of the room, naked, 'Forward !' She said and turned back to Hans. Eva was sitting onthe bed, next to Hans. Sue went to bed and whispered in his ear. Eva held out his hand, he hoped, would have expected her Eva Hans where he was straight. There was only one more request. I fuck my wife, Sue right next to the bed. Sue turned to me again. On the head I could see Hans. It was like a Cheshire cat smile. Sue stuck to me. He kissed me and looked me in the other bed. 'They wanted this for years, it does. ' Sue said. I lay in bed. Sue sat on me. My cock was over her hot pussy, not hot. Not her. My hand was on her thighs as she watched Eva and John. Eve kissed his chest. 'Ride him like a cowgirl. ' Sue said. eve of launching his leg on Hans. I could see a drop of my escape from it with honors. Sue sat on the knee. I took out my erect cock and down his hole, swallowing my efukt shaft. Eva was Hans swallowing. Sue and Eve began to move, almost in tact. Sue knew what he did not know let me cum. She rode me and I looked at Eva efukt fucked in the bed next. Sue felt my cock in and wished they were closer, but how about what could have been sentenced today to the other. Sue came over me. Downward pressure on me with her hands and ' Uh ' I came. Sue keep moving in efukt milking the last drops from me. saw Eve, she was biting her lower lip. I knew she was about to end. efukt Eva heard almost before they arrived. He sat there for Hans, her long hair hiding her breasts. She threw her head back and forth. Her hair flew efukt back, exposing her breasts. ' How about that efukt John. ' Questions Sue. Hans breathed with difficulty. 'Yes it was, I believe it. ' Eve answered him, ' Home away from ' , said Hans. Debed and Sue went to Hans. He put his hands to his lips after Hans. I went and took a tit in each hand, one of Sue and one of Eva. Eva kissed me and whispered, ' I will do everything..... It was like nothing... it was so good.. ' A then up and left efukt mefuck you. She did and she pushed me on the corner of the bed. Sue was sucking and licking Hans. Cleaning off my sperm covered him while he was fucking Eva. Eva lay in bed. I was pounding so hard her small breasts were moving her breasts. I efukt was struggling to finish. Eve was not just left and left again. Suddenly Hans Sue left and lifted my cum between her legs. Sue spread over the two Evas cum tits. Eva has nothing, but Sue was told Hans what to do, ' Suck on that. ' He did, and Sue sucked the other tit. Hans Eve covered his face and pulled her towards him and Sue to her. I pushed my cock in and out of the previous day. Willing me cum. So I did. Looking at my wife to suck the teat of the woman who was doomed to failure. Smell sweaty bodies and semen. I arrived and slipped from the previous day, was licking her pussy. I pushed her legs apart and did not open his ass. I could feel her body tense and relax in the cycles. I let my tongue all the way to ask your anise. Her ass moved. I went back to her pussy, then returned to his ass. Eve was a 'yes. efukt ' Mild weather was a yes. My right hand found her pussy Sue. Legs together, efukt trapping his hand. I looked up and kissed Sue Hans. When Han leaned back and kissed her on the eve of Sue, I could not believe it. It was a big kiss, but it was on the lips. We all slept in the bed. We took what we could see each other and fell asleep.
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